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Empanada & Sorbet Making Workshop

Provecho celebrates the beauty of Latin American and Spanish cultures. We developed our Empanada & Sorbet Workshop to share our love for their delicious, cultural dishes with our community. Our class focuses on a blend of education and fun, as participants learn about the history of these foods while getting hands-on experience in the kitchen. Our workshop is great for scouts, elementary classes, adult groups, or anyone that wants to learn and have fun!  


Workshop Overview

Our workshop runs approximately 1.5-2 hours, depending on the size and engagement of the group. Groups can be accommodated Tuesday-Friday 10 a.m.-12 p.m. or 12 p.m.-2 p.m. Currently we do not offer classes in the evening or on weekends.

Each guest and chaperone will receive a tour of the restaurant and get a behind the scenes look into what makes us run. From receiving orders from the farm to kitchen prep work to the history of our 100-year-old building, participants will get an inside look into Provecho.

Our Chefs begin the class with talking about what an empanada is and the importance of food safety and cleanliness in the kitchen. The class will be shown how empanadas are made and have the option to make two empanadas along with the Chef and Sous Chef. Each participant can make a unique filling of their own, as we provide various ingredients. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated, and water will be provided.

After the group has finished folding their dough, we will place the empanadas onto baking trays with each participant’s name. The empanadas will be baked to order, and participants may eat them onsite or take them home.

The baking process takes about 20 minutes. During this time, the Chef and Sous Chef will demonstrate how to make sorbet. With the group’s help, the Chefs will spin the sorbet with our batch ice cream maker. Once this is finished, participants will enjoy fresh sorbet out of the machine to go along with the empanadas they have made. This will complete the class.


K-12 | $10 PP ($200 minimum)

Adults | $20 PP ($200 minimum)

Add On Options

Soda | $3 PP

Chips + Salsa | $3 PP

Chips + Salsa + Guac | $8 PP

Empanada Dough Pack 10 ct. | $5

(To Take Home & Make With Friends & Family)

Wine + Draft Cocktails | Inquire Within

Group must be 21 and over

We are more than happy to customize the time spent with our staff to help assist to meet certain education requirements or team-building points. Please feel free to let us know of these needs and we will be happy to adjust our workshop format.⁣ If you have any additional questions please inquire below.

To proceed with an inquiry and set up your next class, please click the button below and complete our registration form.

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